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Being a strong devotee of Vocal Jazz Campagne is involved in Bay Area scene teaching, performing and presenting jazz for over 15 years. She's been on a faculty at Blue Bear School of Music from 2000 to 2010 and also taught extensively at The Voice Studio and San Francisco Day School.

Presently Campagne is Artist-In-Residence at Ruth Asawa SOTA School of the Arts Vocal Department as well as a Vocal Faculty Member at Community Music Center (CMC) where she teaches group and private voice lessons. She also maintains her own private voice studio located in San Francisco.

Mentoring aspiring singers of all ages and levels, Campagne is very skilled in Audition preparation for SOTA and other vocal programs. She draws her expertise from Bel Canto Technique as well as world-renown singing method known as Speech Level Singing (SLS). Created by celebrity vocal coach Seth Riggs, this method has been studied and practiced by Stevie Wonder, Natalie Cole, Josh Groban, Ray Charles, Bernadette Peters, and many many other successful singers.

Speech Level Singing is technique based on the knowledge and use of the natural bridges in the voice, allowing singers to vocalize with a connected tone from low to high. Traditional vocal methods are limited to using exclusively chest voice for pop and theater styles or head voice for classical styles. These methods offer no connection between the chest and head voice, limiting singers in range and style. Forcing the chest voice up or the head voice down can also lead to strain and, ultimately, vocal damage.

Benefits of studying with Masha Campagne:


  • Expanded range
  • Endurance; a voice that lasts hours and hours, night after night
  • Improved pitch
  • Connected sound; consistency of tone with no apparent breaks
  • Greater fluidity and agility throughout one's range;
    the flexibility to sing wherever the emotion of the song takes you, without range limitation


'Masha - thank you so so much for giving me the ability (and confidence) to sing better than I ever have before.  I don't think it's something that I'll ever forget.'

~ Jessica Krane, current student

'I have been taking lessons with Masha for 4 years, and she has helped me develop my voice and singing technique, improve my musicality, and work on my performance skills. My range, tone, and vocal ability continue to improve, and I've developed a whole new repertoire of jazz, standard, and pop songs based on her suggestions for me. She's also helped me apply these techniques to my experience in a rock band and a pop a-cappella group, allowing me to reach new heights without straining or tiring my voice. Masha is a fantastic vocalist and amazing musician, but she remains a friendly, encouraging, and inspiring teacher. Best of all, I continue having fun at my lessons, week after week! I could not recommend her more highly.'

 ~ Gonzalo Alonzo, current student

'After I began taking singing lessons/ learning SLS technique I have definitely grown more confident in myself and my voice, all thanks to Masha Campagne. As a teacher, Masha really wants her student to do their best, and does everything to make sure that a student feels comfortable. I love learning from Masha because we pick the songs we work on together and I got to try such a great variety of styles, without just sticking to one of them. Masha really respects her students and she believes that every person can make progress regardless of whether they are starting to take lessons with her having zero experience or whether they've been taking singing lessons for all of their life. Masha loves her work and singing in general and all that energy is truly inspiring, and I am really grateful to be taking lessons from her!'

~ Agata Kelman, current student


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